Where Puppies are babies and owners are parents.. Welcome to the family..
                                                              My Family Puppies.com  

                          Happy is as Happy Does... Puppies are soft and Full of LOVE..

ONLY ONE GIRL.. these are very CUTE happy and loving Puppies.. I have TWO spoken for..
ONE is going home this coming week... To fill a house with LOVE...

 shih-Tzu EVERY BUDDY needs a BUDDY sometimes... This is Buddy..
He is about 2 is looking for a for ALWASY home a place... at your Feet, near your bed and inside your HEART 10.5#

 Japanese Spitz Puppies are VERY cute and Sweet. Looking like Little Polar Bears...

HELLO to ALL of my LOYAL puppy people.. It has been a tough go with Many operations and changes.. 2014 came in like a "sick cat"

Is not Purring like a "Kitten" and I am moving forward to the "LION" of strength and love to make it through.. I am keeping my fingers crossed and God in my heart....

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